Friday, January 26 [download pdf]

8:00 Breakfast & Registration
The Vest Student Street (outside 32-123/141)
9:00 That-trace effects: insights from Igbo
Doreen Georgi

10:00 Break
  Session 1 (32-141)
chair: Hani Na'eem
Session 2 (32-155)
chair: Vincent Rouillard
10:30 The Learnability of Syntax Islands
Annika Heuser, Hector Vazquez Martinez & Charles Yang
Covert reciprocals
Jad Wehbe
11:00 Size matters: clause structure and selective opacity in Swahili relatives
Tom Meadows
What makes a plurality sentient?: grouphood as the structure of number in Ktunaxa
Rose Underhill
11:30 Syntactic ergativity without inversion
in Kalaallisut

Amy Rose Deal, Line Mikkelsen & Ellen Thrane
Higher order quantification outside questions: the case of free relatives
Luis Alonso-Ovalle
12:00 Lunch (on your own!)
1:30 What agrees, why and how? Austronesian-type voice and its variation beyond Austronesian
Victoria Chen

  Special Session: Austronesian Languages (32-141)
chair: Giovanni Roversi
Session 3 (32-155)
chair: Bergül Soykan
2:30 The Malayic verbal phase and Cyclic Linearization
Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine & Carly J. Sommerlot
On the monotonicity of attitudes: NPIs and clausal embedding
Tanya Bondarenko & Patrick Elliott
3:00 The morphological distribution of AV vs. PV in Formosan voice systems (Cancelled)
Yvette Yi-Chi Wu
Adverb order with still
Aviv Schoenfeld, Moshe E. Bar-Lev & Roni Katzir
3:30 Break
4:00 Recalling adjective-noun order in Tagalog is sensitive to phonological markedness constraints
Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara, Alessa Farinella, John Michael De Pano & Patricia Asuncion
Before and after decomposing first and last
Johanna Alstott
4:30 How to be a word in Atara Imere
Adam Chong & Coppe van Urk
Fake mass nouns and associative plurality
Yağmur Sağ
5:00 Break (and walk to MIT museum)
6:00-7:00 Poster Session A bar + hors d'œuvres
MIT Museum
7:00-8:00 Poster Session B

Saturday, January 27 [download pdf]

8:00 Breakfast
The Vest Student Street (outside 32-123/141)
9:00 Theories of linguistic inferences: What experiments can tell us
Lyn Tieu

  Special session: Experimental Methods in Linguistic Theory (32-141)
chair: Jad Wehbe
Session 4 (32-155)
chair: Anton Kukhto

Priming parasitic gaps: multiple ways to produce silence
Shota Momma, Brian Dillon & Kyle Johnson

The third person is present: an argument from determiners in generic statements
Artemis Alexiadou, Johannes Hein, Ivona Ilić & Uli Sauerland
[slides] [handout]
10:30 Pseudo-scoping out of tensed clauses: the case of cumulation
Jonathan Palucci
A second-last position clitic in Sm'algyax (Coast Tsimshian)
Colin Brown & Henry Davis
11:00 Break
11:30 Experimental vs. elicited data in sign language syntax
Jessica Lettieri, Mirko Santoro & Carlo Geraci
Evidence from impersonals for [±hearer]
Carol Rose Little
12:00 Close vs. Cloze: The role(s) of contact and expectancy in English pronoun preferences
Shannon Bryant
Concord feeds apparent non-local allomorphy in Bidhaawyeet
Andrew Murphy & Bob Offer-Westort
12:30 Lunch & PUMP (32-123)
(food provided)
  Session 5 (32-141)
chair: Elise Newman and Stanislao Zompì
Session 6 (32-155)
chair: Eunsun Jou and Bingzi Yu
2:00 Finite control in Brazilian Portuguese
Julie Anne Legate & Gesoel Mendes
Experimental evidence that learning morphophonological alternations starts local 
Caleb Belth
2:30 Resolution by case syncretism in Icelandic passives
Jim Wood, Oddur Snorrason & Einar Freyr Sigurðsson
Phonetic faithfulness in counterfeeding opacity
Yeong-Joon Kim
3:00 Poster Session C
The Vest Student Street (outside 32-123/141)
4:00 Short Break
4:15 In defense of cyclic coordination structures: The view from German
Philipp Weisser & Luise Schwarzer
Marginal representations in loanword adaptation: affrication in Brazilian Portuguese English
Natália Brambatti Guzzo & Guilherme Duarte Garcia
4:45 P0-stranding vs. p0-stranding: Phasehood and antilocality in the adpositional phrase
Andrew McInnerney
Beyond unpredictability: A GHG analysis of Greek noun stress
Giorgos Markopoulos, Eirini Apostolopoulou, Vassiliki Apostolouda & Anthi Revithiadou
5:15 Short Break
5:30 How phonology and morphology interact: The case of French liaison
Benjamin Storme
6:30 Walk to dinner
7:00 Conference Dinner
Samberg Conference Center

Poster sessions [download pdf]

Poster session A
(MIT Museum, Friday, 6-7pm)
Lucas Adelino & Caitlin Smith Height harmony and nasal vowels: An argument for agreement by correspondence  [poster]
David Adger The geometry of successive cyclicity [poster]
Faruk Akkuş & Lefteris Paparounas Reflexivization via movement: Evidence from Turkish verbal reflexives 
Nikos Angelopoulos & Chris Collins On implicit arguments and logophoricity: Accounting for exempt reflexives cross-linguistically
Giuliano Armenante (cancelled)Temporal modifiers and attitude reports: Novel evidence for Keshet's IPG
Andre Batchelder-Schwab Spoken, whistled, drummed, and fluted Kinande: an asymmetry for encoding pitch and rhythm [poster]
Maša Bešlin Domain mismatches in syntax and morphophonology: The case of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian adjectives
Alma Frischoff Iterated Rationality Models and conjunctive readings of disjunctions
Daniel Greeson Prepositions and case at the syntax–prosody interface [poster]
Jing Gao Optional classifiers in a 'classifiers-for-numerals' language
James Griffiths & Craig Sailor On experiments on PPs with gaps in
Poster Session B
(MIT Museum, Friday 7-8pm)
Peter Grishin & Anton Kukhto Infixing outward (Alternate Talk) [poster]
Stephen Henhawk & John Whitman A-movement and interpretation in a Northern Iroquoian language [poster]
Adèle Hénot-Mortier The French demonstrative paradigm: structurally transparent but semantically intricate
Jens Hopperdietzel Change-of-state without morphology in Daakaka [poster]
Jasper Jian Feature Bundling in the Left Periphery of Igbo Interrogatives [poster]
Elsi Kaiser & Sandhya Sundaresan Perspectival possessor agreement in Finnish spatial PPs [poster]
Tomasz Klochowicz Free Choice Questions [poster]
Jennifer Kuo Hiatus avoidance and the development of Māori passive allomorphy
Haoming Li  Dou and plural universal quantification in Mandarin Chinese [poster]
Kang Franco Liu & Sansan Claude Hien A novel way to diagnose phonological vs. suppletive allomorphy: Progressive STAMP morph formation in Lobi [poster]
Matthew Loder, Jeremy Kuhn, Benjamin Spector Experimentally assessing the symmetry of presupposition filtering across disjunction [poster]
Poster Session C
(Student Street, Saturday, 3.00-4.00pm)
Jonathan MacDonald Eventive VPs project AspP; Stative VPs do not [poster]
Rodrigo Ranero & Justin Royer Deep and surface anaphora: Insights from Mayan (Alternate Talk) [poster]
Aviv Schoenfeld & Giada Palmieri Evaluating lexical countability with count-mass gender[poster]
Eli Sharf Restrictive modifiers in parenthetical positions (Alternate Talk) [poster]
Wataru Uegaki, Anne Mucha, Nathaniel Imel, Shane Steinert-Threlkeld Deontic priority – converging evidence for a universal in modal semantics
Alexander Wimmer & Mingya Liu Perfecting imperative conditionals  [poster]
Pravaal Yadav Patterns and conditions on cross-clausal agreement in Hindi-Urdu 
Shumian Ye & Yiyang Guo Considering an issue: The doubt-suspect ambiguity of Mandarin huaiyi
Ka-Fai Yip & Xuetong Yuan Agreement in imperative clauses: evidence from object resumptive pronouns in Mandarin Chinese  [poster] [handout]
Michelle Yuan More on 'Lexical DP Blocking' effects in the PCC: Evidence from Mixtec  [poster]
Irina Burukina On the inventory of v and Voice [poster]